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I started going to yoga a couple of months ago, I’ve never been before and Sakshi is so helpful and friendly, I never feel judged or like I’m doing anything wrong, and not only do I feel more relaxed, but a lot of the muscle pain in my neck I have been struggling with has eased, I cannot recommend her highly enough!

M. Kassim (Yoga student)

From the moment I walked through the door I was made very welcome by Sakshi, which as a beginner made it very easy to integrate with the other students. The atmosphere and feelings within that Sakshi creates is on a different level, a wee bit like a pre-op tablet. I feel super relaxed and alive at the end of her classes. A very special lady for sure, if you ever feel about giving yoga a go at whatever level, she's the teacher to go to!

D. Bowman (Yoga student)

Oh what a great revelation! I could not even imagine the territory that the practice of Yin Yoga has opened up in me! It is the first time in my life that I have achieved such a deep level of connection with my tissues and especially with my internal organs. The work of Sakshi is impeccable!

A. Ripoll (Yoga student - Yin Training)

This was my first time doing chair yoga! I thought it wouldn't be so difficult but it actually proved to be extremely effective and challenging. 
Sakshi´s classes have provided a
wonderful solace through both meditation
and gentle exercise. Sakshi is a skilled yogini,
leading her sessions with humor,
knowledge and passion.
The highlight of
my week!"

M. Evans (Senior Yoga Student)

During our training, besides Yin Yoga, we also learnt how to use balls for self massage and myofascial release. So much gratitude and love to Sakshi for her knowledge and beautiful energy that they have shared with us during this training!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I. Luna (Yoga student - Yin Training)

Sakshi did help me the best way I could imagine to plan my next retreats in Spain. Fast reply and very flexible and cooperative! Very nice to work with you. Thank you so much for your support!!

Dokter Juriaan (Lifecoach & Inspirational Speaker)

Sakshi leaves no detail unattended. She is so passionate about the whole retreat experience that you'll be taken care of through every part of the process!

M. Ananda (Yoga Teacher)

Sakshi comunica toda su experiencia y su pasión. Un curso super útil para la autocuración y para tratar a los demás con una aplicación práctica en el yoga. Encuentro que la unión de la medicina china con el yin yoga es innovadora, tremendamente efectiva y se complementan de manera ideal. Muy recomendable. Gracias!

Aun aterrizando de tanto aprendizaje físico, emocional y espiritual. Me siento llena de gratitud por esta experiencia, volver y seguir mi transformación y todo de la mano de mis mejores maestras, Sakshi y Bruna. Solo puedo dar las gracias mil veces!

C. Castiello (Yoga student)

N. Calvo (Yoga Teacher)

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