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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for Private Lessons

All class passes are non refundable and not transferable and have a 3 months expiry date from the date of the first class. 

  • All cancellations of private sessions should be made within 24 hours, or full session credit will apply.

  • In the case of sudden illness or emergency, please contact Sakshi as soon as possible on 604417101.  Re-scheduling will depend on session time availability.  

  • If for any reason Sakshi needs to cancel due to illness or emergencies she will contact you with as much notice as possible.  

The class may be canceled and credit forfeited for any of the following reasons:

  • Student is more than ten (10) minutes late to the session

  • The teacher is unable to enter the premise in which the session is supposed to take place;

  • The teacher is unable to find the premise in which the session is supposed to take place and the client is unavailable to assist

Pricing & Payments for Private Lessons

Pricing is set by an hourly session rate.  Usual rates are from €45 per hour, with discounts available for packages.  Concessions are always available for those with a genuine need.  If agreed in advance, payment can be on a session-by-session basis or discounts can be purchased and scheduled as a bundle package.  Sessions are in your home unless an alternative venue is agreed.  Payment can be made by direct bank transfer or cash, details provided upon request.

Travel costs for Private Lessons

Less than 5 km from Alora (Malaga) is included in session price, and travel costs thereafter from €5 and to be confirmed upon your enquiry.

Terms and Conditions for Group Classes

  • All physical postures instructed by Sakshi are to be undertaken by you with sensible judgement, if something feels painful, don’t do it. Trust your inner guidance, and listen to your body.   Risk of injury within the context of yoga is minimal, but when you are moving your body, there is always a risk.  

  • By participating in group yoga classes, you agree that you are physically able to practice yoga and that Sakshi Yoga is not responsible or liable for any personal injury, accident or loss to personal possessions.   

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