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Solo Trip

Solo and Custom Retreats



Feeling completely overwhelmed at the thought of planning your trip or getaway to Spain or Portugal?  

Are you a solo traveler? Traveling solo is one of the most life-changing and eye-opening experiences you can have in a lifetime and I would love to help you find the best spots for personal growth and transformation.

Or maybe you want to plan an event with friends and family but just can't find the time to contact everyone, coordinate everyone's schedule, or nail down accommodation, excursions, and transportation...? 

Here´s where I come in!

Hand over all the logistics and details of your trip to me to prepare a perfectly curated and customized experience! 

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How does it work?

  • ​Take the brainstorm quiz here

  • Hop on a free consultation with me to brain dump any specifics and discuss destination, itinerary, budget and other needs

  • I take your wishes and match them with my expertise to Book your Dream Retreat. 

  • Location check-up: I will plan the perfect getaway with the best restaurants, excursions and experiences available and come back to you with a dreamy retreat plan

  • Depending on your preferences, I can book the whole trip or you can take the wheel and do everything yourself

  • Stress-free getaway- Online check-in before the trip to explain everything in detail and let you know what to pack and resolve any last minute doubts

  • Let the fun begin! Show up ready to relax, restore and enjoy!

What does it include?


A solo retreat planning package can vary depending on the retreat center or location you choose, but it typically will include the following components:

  • Accommodation for the duration of the retreat. This could be a room in a retreat center, a cabin in the woods, or any other type of lodging that fits your needs.

  • Meals: Many retreats include meals as part of the package, so you don't have to worry about cooking or finding restaurants. But if you want other type of accommodations, I will provide with amazing restaurants recommendations too. 

  • Activities: The package include activities that align with the retreat's purpose. Experiences, excursions & treatments..

  • Different resources that you need to make the most of your retreat. 

  • Retreat plan and itinerary. 

  • Expert assistance and support along the process.

  • Logistics: The package includes information on how to get to the retreat location, what to pack, and any other logistical details you need to know.


Overall, my solo retreat planning package provide everything you need to have a fulfilling and rejuvenating experience. I take care of the logistics, provide activities and resources, and offer you support along the way.

Sounds amazing? Let's get started!

Why planning a Solo Retreat?


Planning a solo retreat can have many benefits. Here are some reasons why you might choose a solo retreat:

  • Self-reflection and personal growth: A solo retreat provides an opportunity to reflect on your life, your values, and your goals. It can be a time to explore your emotions and gain clarity on what you want out of life. With no distractions, you can focus on your personal growth.

  • Rest and relaxation: Sometimes we need to step away from our daily routines and responsibilities to rest and recharge. A solo retreat can provide a space to relax, unwind, and take care of yourself.

  • Creativity and inspiration: Removing yourself from your normal environment can help you tap into your creativity and gain inspiration. You may find new ideas and perspectives that you wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

  • Independence and self-sufficiency: Going on a solo retreat can help build your independence and self-sufficiency. 

  • Adventure and exploration: A solo retreat can be a chance to explore a new place or try new activities. It can be an adventure and an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone.

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