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A bit about me

After I took my first yoga class over two decades ago, tired and stiff from the corporate 9 to 5, I was hooked on the way I felt -more grounded, happier, stronger and healthier.

A journalism major in college and former oriental art PR & publicist, my inquisitive nature gave way to a strong desire for an alternative lifestyle and self-inquiry which turned into a lifelong passion. Yoga for me has always been a means for more fully inhabiting my body, mind and spirit but not in an airy or flakey way. Keeping both feet on the ground, I practice to remain awake, aware and aligned and I teach to share the joy of both movement (yang) and stillness (yin) with others. That's my why: to share that joy of embodiment!

In recent years, I have travelled the world and after my second 200-hour yoga teacher training I also certified in different disciplines like Hatha, Vinyasa, Meridian Yin Yoga, Acupressure, Traditional Chinese Massage and Chair/Senior Yoga.

After completing the advanced 300-hour yoga teacher training, I am fully registered and certified by Yoga Alliance (RYT 500) and I feel more than ever the calling to share this magic toolbox with you. 

As a teacher and yoga retreat host, I strive to empower you to dig deeper, discover a healthier, more vibrant version of yourself,  tap into your inner wisdom and reconnect with your true self to create a joyful and balanced life.

That is my goal for the Yoga & Human Design Retreat  ´Back to Balance' from the 3rd until the 8th of June.

A six-day experience to help you with the process of self-discovery and exploration, bringing back the balance to your body, mind & heart!

Ready? It all starts with an inhale...

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