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Back to Balance 

3 - 8 June 2023 in Suryalila, Cadiz

Start packing for 6 days of:

  • Well-deserved relaxation

  • Playful yin-yang yoga

  • Your personalized life-changing Human Design reading session

  • Lifelong connections and experiences

  • Re-balancing tools for life to take home and...

  • as much yummy delicious food as you can eat!

This all-inclusive retreat is a unique experience designed for you to regain and reclaim your balance in life!

Ready for Paradise?


What is included?

  • 5 nights of accommodation of your choice 

  • 3 gourmet vegetarian meals daily – breakfast, lunch and dinner, homemade by the Suryalila chefs with local produce, including some from the organic garden! 

  • Revitalising Sunrise Vinyasa Flow yoga classes

  • Relaxing Yin yoga afternoon sessions

  • Your personalized Human Design blueprint reading with hot ceremonial cacao 

  • Human Design workshop

  • Myofascial release/acupressure workshop

  • Somatic Activated Healing session (a wellness practice that combines movement, breathwork, affirmations and mediation to release emotional baggage and build resilience )

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Sound-healing Gong Bath

  • Mindful El Bosque river walk in a breathtaking natural setting and swim in refreshing rock pools flowing with pure mountain water

Show up to as much or little as you want!

All activities are optional and you can always retreat yourself to the restorative embrace of all Suryalila’s facilities and beautiful surroundings.


What is not included?

  • Flights to the nearest airport (Sevilla, Malaga or Jerez de la Frontera)

  • Transfers to and from Suryalila

  • Travel insurance

  • Alcoholic drinks, smoothies and massages/treatments

This retreat is open to all levels of yoga experience, all ages, couples, friends and solo travelers.

Views over the glamping area with yurts and Om Dome.jpg

Why this retreat?

Have you been feeling out of balance in this busy, hectic, go-go-go world?

Looking for a way to find and maintain inner peace, calm, and clarity in all the stress and chaos that life throws at you?

Then, here a few great reasons to join this retreat:

  • Feel more relaxed and renewed than you’ve been in a long time

  • Become stronger mentally by finding inner peace and balance

  • Rebalance your Yin & Yang energy

  • Rediscover yourself through your personal Human Design blueprint reading will provide you with major pointers on living one's 'true self' and avoid the 'pitfalls' of our societally conditioned 'not self'

  • Drop out of “normal life” for a few days

  • Veggie, fruity, nutty…yummy food!

  • The ideal place to connect to nature, like-minded strangers, unplug and relax to the max


Enjoy a memorable sound healing session


Example of a day schedule

  • Short morning mediation and pranayama followed by a gentle vinyasa class  

  • A delicious breakfast

  • Reading a book, having a great conversation with your fellow participants or some downtime at the pool

  • Inspiring workshop on self-myofascial release methods to do at home

  • Delicious lunch

  • A nap, a nice chai or smoothie from the cafe, a stroll or a little lie down in the sun

  • Your personal Human Design reading session

  • A Yin yoga class designed to fully help you unwind in the magical Om Dome

  • Gorgeous dinner


About Human Design Readings

Human Design is a system based on Western Astrology, Chinese I-Ching, Tree of Life from Kabbalah, chacras, and quantum physics. It uses your date, time, and place of birth to give your genetic blueprint - a roadmap of who you are and who you are designed to be.

It can give you clarity about your:

  • Unique gifts and purpose

  • How you can best use your energy

  • How you can best make decisions

  • What tools and strategies to use to get into alignment

  • A lot of other information to navigate your life, career, relationships with much more ease and flow 

Human Design gives you a language to describe things we sometimes cannot describe on our own. It shows you your unique essence, your authentic self, who you really are at your deepest level beyond any levels of conditioning.

It gives you full permission to be who you truly are and own your power. 

What is Human Design?

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Retreat Host

Almost two decades ago, I took my first yoga class tired and stiff from the corporate 9 to 5, I was hooked on the way I felt -more grounded, happier, stronger and healthier.

A journalism major in college and former oriental art PR & publicist, my inquisitive nature gave way to a strong desire for an alternative lifestyle and self-inquiry which turned into a lifelong passion. In past years, I certified in different disciplines like Hatha, Meridian Yin Yoga, Acupressure, Traditional Chinese Massage and Chair/Senior Yoga.

I finished two different 200-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings as well as the advanced 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training. 

On top of that I'm a retreat addict! Understanding the importance of looking after my mental health and general wellbeing, over the past years, I have been attending retreats at least twice a year. There is something very special about sharing an experience with like minded strangers, finding back your inner strength and balance.

A key factor I have learnt is that a smaller group makes for a better experience, so spots are limited!

My mission in this retreat is to create the kind of retreats that I am myself looking for.

A sanctuary where, for a few days, you will be cherished as I share the magic toolbox of yoga with you while bringing back the balance in your body, mind & heart!



Kate Petrova

My journey started when I left home to study abroad at the age of 18 and since then, I have lived, worked, and studied in France, England, Bali, Canada, Zambia, Colombia, and for the past 5 years, I’ve been living in Spain. During my years of self-discovery,  I got degrees in Sociology & Psychology, International Relations, Nutrition & Naturopathy. 

I am absolutely fascinated and obsessed with human beings. Over the years, I have studied Sociology, Psychology, Yoga, Nutrition, Naturopathy, Coaching, to get more understanding of how we as humans function, and how to help ourselves to feel good and function properly. In recent years I became more interested in the emotional and energetic components of our beings, as I saw clearly while working as a Nutritionist that in order to be healthy, we need not only to heal on a physical level but also on emotional and energetic ones.

This is when I discovered Human Design. Human Design is a wonderful tool to learn about yourself, to understand how you function best, to see clearly who you are under the layers of conditioning, who you were designed to be, and what is your purpose in this lifetime. I combine Human Design with coaching so that I can give you very practical tools in order to transform your life, as I strongly believe that knowledge without integration is useless. I combine my readings with a small cacao ceremony to help you to be more open and receptive during the session. 

Suryalila Reception copyright Joshua Hiatt

Prices and Accommodation

In the hotel:

Twin room, shared with other, price per person €995

Superior room Single €1,120

Superior room Double for two people, price per person €995.

Deluxe room Single €1,195

Deluxe room Double for two people, price per person €1,070.

In the garden:

Twin Yurt shared with other, price per person €895

Twin Eco Casa shared with other, price per person €895

Glamping tent Single €995

Glamping tent shared with other, price per person €865

*You will be sharing the twin type of accommodation with another participants of the same sex.

Feel free to book it even if you come on your own. 

Prices include: accommodation, three meals per day, yoga classes, all activities and the use of all facilities.

Optional extras: horse riding, massage, excursions.

Cancellation Policy: All payments are fully refundable up to 2 months prior to the event, (subject to a 15% admin fee).

At Suryalila there is a dedicated massage room with skilled massage therapists, many gorgeous communal spaces like the pool, dining and living areas to just relax and hang out in. The yoga retreat facilities also include WiFi, office supplies and anything else you might need during your stay.

Book your spot!

Thanks for submitting! We’ll send you a price quote soon.

From the first moment I was made very welcome by Sakshi, which as a beginner made it very easy to integrate with the other students. The atmosphere and feelings within that Sakshi creates is on a different level, a wee bit like a pre-op tablet. I feel super relaxed and alive at the end of her classes. A very special lady for sure, if you ever feel about giving yoga a go at whatever level, I can not recommend her enough!

D. Bowman

Oh what a great revelation! I could not even imagine the territory that the practice of Yin Yoga has opened up in me! It is the first time in my life that I have achieved such a deep level of connection with my tissues and especially with my internal organs. The work of Sakshi is impeccable!

A. Ripoll

"He who holds balance...has attained the highest post in the world." Lao Tzu

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