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A self-discovery journey 

Back to Balance -The Story

Last year, during a retreat, I decided to book a Human Design reading session with holistic coach Kate Petrova and oh my…! At that time, Kate was a total stranger who proceeded to describe every aspect of my entire personality in such great detail!! I was in awe! Learning about my energy, strategy (how to use that energy to thrive) and authority through Human Design was a bit like getting a master´s degree into my truest self. I finally got to know how my energy operates, acknowledge what really makes my soul tick and it gave me major pointers on how to keep the alignment with my innermost self. Such an eye opener! I honestly can say that this reading changed the perspective of my life and the direction I wanted to give it.


Right then and there I decided that a retreat that would combine these two powerful self-discovery & self-development tools (yoga and human design) would be one where you would not go home empty-handed, but with such a number of new insights that it can take months, even years, to fully process and integrate in your life. 


Human Design is a system based on Western Astrology, Chinese I-Ching, Tree of Life from Kabbalah, chacras, and quantum physics. A wonderful combination of science and spirituality that gives you a language to describe things we sometimes cannot describe on our own. It shows you your unique essence, who you really are at your deepest level beyond any levels of conditioning. Like astrology on steroids. It sounds crazy, right?  And it kind of is but it´s the most useful crazy thing I ever came across, and I really wanted to add this wonderful relatively new spiritual tool to my next retreat.


And voilá! No’sooner said than done, Back to Balance combines the transformational power of yoga with personal growth and human design. On one hand, you will connect to your female yin and male yang energy potential through yoga, breathwork and meditation and on the other hand, through human design, you will rediscover yourself, gain new insights on how to harness, protect and use your energy to ultimately, align with the life you love. 


In sum, a journey about coming back to yourself (as the answers are already within you!), recalibrate, center and tune into your inner compass. And that´s not all, we will also have plenty of time to enjoy a mediative river walk, a healing gong bath, amazing food, make lifelong memories and meaningful connections.

It's happening! And we would love for you to be a part of it! Join us 3-8 June at magical yoga paradise Suryalila.

See you in Spain!

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